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Cordoba Cuatro Video

Cordoba Cuatro Video

The Cordoba Cuatro is popular for its simplistic design and compact size, and is a versatile instrument fit for all styles and varieties of music. The Cuatro has a solid European spruce top, mahogany back and sides, and a mahogany tap plate. It is tuned to the D-B-G-E like a baritone ukulele.

Inspired by South American string instruments, the Cuatro looks like it would naturally belong in the ukulele family. Despite the fact that it has four strings like a uke, this Venezuelan instrument has a distinct sound of its own, tending to serve as the rhythmic and harmonic base. For this reason, the Cordoba Cuatro has a mahogany tap plate built seamlessly onto the spruce top.

Cuatro Tuning
Traditionally the Cuatro is tuned to the standard A-D-F#-B but the Cordoba Cuatro is tuned to D-B-G-E like a baritone ukulele. Consequently, the same fingering can be used to shape the chords, but it produces a different inversion of each chord.

Cordoba Cuatro