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Crane Stand Pro Laptop Stand Video

Crane Stand Pro Laptop Stand Video

The Crane Stand Pro Laptop Stand is the highest quality adjustable laptop stand on the market! Adjustable and portable, the patented ergonomic 3-leg design allows for an infinite number of positions making the Crane Stand Pro extremely versatile and stable. Quality sets the Crane Stand Pro apart from the rest and was designed with the highest quality standards in mind.

In designing the Crane Stand pro, Crane Hardware tapped some of their friends in the aerospace industry to create a stand that was not only durable, but also easy to move around. Crane’s patented 3-leg design makes the stand not only stable but easy to fit into tight spaces. In addition, its unique design creates a stand that is a single piece of hardware, making it the only foldable laptop stand available that has no loose parts.

Crane set out to create a portable notebook laptop stand that was completely customizable to any user preference. Their one of a kind design incorporating aviation-grade aluminum tensioning knobs allows the stand to be easily locked into place in an infinite number of positions, making the Crane Stand Pro the most versatile ergonomic laptop stand to be created for use in the home, office or on the road.

Crane Stand Pro Laptop Stand