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EMG SA Set Active Guitar Pickup Set Video

EMG SA Set Active Guitar Pickup Set Video

The EMG SA Set combines the attributes of the early Strat sound but with an added midrange response and higher output, giving it bell-like ringing harmonics and increased sustain.
One single Alnico bar magnet delivers classic overdrive with a smooth midrange distortion, while still retaining the familiar high-end of a single-coil pickup. These characteristics provide greater versatility than what is normally found in single-coil pickups. Favorites of Steve Lukather and David Gilmour just to name two, the EMG SA Set comes with volume and tone controls, and a five-position switch which is all ready to mount onto your pickguard.

EMG SA Set Includes:

  • EMG's exclusive Quik-Connect cables (3)
  • Prewired control set including volume
  • 2 tone controls
  • 5-way selection switch (black & white knobs)
  • Output jack
  • Battery clip
  • Screws and springs

EMG SA Set Active Guitar Pickup Set