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EVH Eddie Van Halen 5150 III Guitar Amplifier Head Video

EVH Eddie Van Halen 5150 III Guitar Amplifier Head Video

The EVH 5150 III is the brainchild of Rock and Roll hall of fame inductee Edward Van Halen and the legendary tone masters of Fender.
Combining all the features, quality standards and tone Ed requires and demands of his gear, this all new amplifier sits in a class by itself. This amp gives you very flexible tones that range from clean or crunch to full-out distortion, for limitless inspiration. Includes a footswitch.

Why did I want to do this amp? I'm a tone chaser! - Edward Van Halen

EVH 5150 III Head Features

  • Made to Edward Van Halen's exacting specs. This is the exact amp used in the studio and on stage by one of the only true living legends of the guitar.
  • Heavy duty hardware and construction, vertically-mounted preamp tubes with premium sockets. It’s rugged and roadworthy!
  • Custom made transformers and special biasing help achieve Edward's fabled Variable AC effect.
  • Lower-noise preamp circuitry. Less hiss & hum than many ultra-high gain amplifiers.
  • Preamp designed to add extremely high harmonic content. Makes notes seem to jump out of the guitar, and inspires creative, unpredictable playing.
  • Step on what you want footswitch with color-coded LEDs: instantly select any of the three channels with one button push; selection is easily visible on a darkened stage; FX loop can also be selected.

EVH Eddie Van Halen 5150 III Guitar Amplifier Head