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Epiphone Limited Edition Thunderhorse Explorer Video

Epiphone Limited Edition Thunderhorse Explorer Video

Epiphone Limited Edition Brendon Small Thunderhorse Explorer Electric Guitar is a one of a kind signature guitar made for one of the most challenging and eclectic artists today, Dethklok! Dethklok is just a character, but Brendon Small is the artist, co-creator, music and comedic mind behind the band Dethklok.

Epiphone Brendon Small Thunderhorse Explorer Features

  • Classic Explorer Profile
  • Mahogany Body and Neck
  • 1960's Slimtaper, D profile glued in Neck
  • 1-ply black Truss Rod Cover with Thunderhorse in silver silkprint
  • Phenolic Fingerboard with pearloid Dot inlays
  • Gibson USA BurstBucker 1 and 2 Humbuckers
  • Includes premium fitted gigbag with custom graphics and three Dethklok stickers

Though it is just a virtual metal band, Dethklok is featured in the hit show Metalocalypse. Produced by Adult Swim, the show now features the Thunderhorse Explorer Outfit. Brendon and Epiphone collaborated to create the ultimate 6-string weapon! This is a guitar worthy of The Worlds Greatest Cultural Force and Dethklok's lead guitarist Skwisgaar Skwigelf makes it a lethal music weapon to be reckoned with. Dethklok fans have already noted that the Thunderhorse is the signature Brendon Small guitar.

Epiphone Limited Edition Thunderhorse Explorer