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Epiphone Ultra 339 Semi Hollow Electric Guitar Video

Epiphone Ultra 339 Semi Hollow Electric Guitar Video

The Epiphone Ultra 339 Semi Hollow Electric Guitar mixes the power of Epiphone's Ultra III electronics with a legendary ES style guitar. Packed with cutting edge technology, the Ultra 339 guitar features 2 pickup systems. A modern guitar with that classic semi-hollow tone and sustain, the Epiphone Ultra 339 gives you a powerful Humbucker driven rock crunch as well as shimmering acoustic like tones and everything in between. If you want a versatile professional guitar designed for live performance or studio and capable of both semi-hollow growl and real acoustic like tones, the Epiphone Ultra 339 Electric Guitar is it!

Great Tone Woods and Hardware
The Epiphone Ultra 339 features a laminated Maple body with solid center block, a glued-in Mahogany neck with classic Mortise and Tenon neck joint, and a comfortable SlimTaper neck profile and Rosewood fingerboard.

Two Great Pickup Systems in One Guitar
At the heart of the Epiphone Ultra 339 are two pickup systems. Powering the first are Epiphone's ProBucker Humbucking pickups patterned after Gibson's famous BurstBuckers. With authentic 18% nickel silver base and cover, Elektrisola wire, accurate bobbins, slugs and screws and sand casted Alnico-II magnets, these pickups replicate that classic Patent Applied For airy tone that defined rock and roll. The second system features Shadow Germany's patented NanoMag pickup embedded discretely at the end of the fingerboard. Featuring three samarium cobalt magnets, an air coil, and active electronics, this low impedance pickup captures subtle body acoustics and string harmonics.

Epiphone Ultra 339 Semi Hollow Electric Guitar