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Evans EC2 Edge Control Drum Heads Video

Evans EC2 Edge Control Drum Heads Video

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The Evans EC series is Evans' most popular new technology, loudly heralded by the drum industry.
Denoting edge control, the 2-ply, 7-mil EC2 heads incorporate a proprietary design on the underside circumference that tweaks desired overtones and eliminates unwanted ones. Not merely a blanket pre-muffling system, the EC-treated head is fine-tuned to retain a focused fundamental while retaining contemporary ambience, sustain, and sensitivity.

An Edge Control ring isolates and dampens higher overtones, enhances low-end and attack, and enables broader tuning and dynamic ranges. Unlike conventionally damped heads, the EC2 will not choke at higher tuning ranges, or loose its full-bodied presence when tuned low.

The EC2 Coated heads feature a translucent frosted coating that provides warm tone and additional focus. The EC concept is really a contemporary alternative. It's not a haphazard muffling system but a true, targeted tone enhancement. Its twin-ply with 7mil layers makes it the same as Evans clear EC2 head, but the translucent coating answers a call from drummers for a coated EC2, makes an amazing tonal difference, and simply looks great.

Evans EC2 Edge Control Drum Heads