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Event Opal 2 Way Active Nearfield Studio Monitor Video

Event Opal 2 Way Active Nearfield Studio Monitor Video

Event Opal 2 Way Active Nearfield Studio Monitor; World Class Design.
The Opal series monitors are a long awaited feat that combines numerous patented technologies that the people at Event have been meticulously designing and developing for years. The Opal Monitors boast a world class 2-way driver design and the EX8 driver uses a high-power neodymium motor with a 30Hz-10kHz response that blows away the competition. Incorporating their own ULD tweeter with rotatable wave guide mixes beryllium with the neodymium motor pushing powerful, high SPL sound minus the distortion that would occur in an inferior tweeter. The next level of monitoring, brought to you by Event.

Event's Opal Studio Monitors can be switched from a vertical to a horizontal position (the tweeter and logos rotate) to accommodate a variety of setup situations. All controls are concealed on the front behind a flip-open panel, and the amp is mounted on the back and designed to be low profile for better mounting flexibility. Front porting allows for more positioning flexibility - in soffits and more! The high-fidelity analog circuitry ensures the purest sound and a microphone is included for room analysis and optimum system configuration.

Event Opal Features

  • Variable Impedance Flared Ports (patent pending)
  • Eliminates artifacts heard in rear reflection ports that rely on room acoustics
  • Internal engineering removes all port noise
  • Cabinet designed with complex radii to eliminate diffraction
  • Complete aluminum construction provides low resonance and pure wide sound stage
  • ULD Tweeter with powerful neodymium motor
  • Rotatable high frequency wave guide for side mounting
  • 750 Watts Peak Power
  • Microphone for room analysis and optimum configuration
  • 8 inch EX8 Driver with 30Hz to 10kHz raw response
  • Carbon fiber reinforced cone with 63mm neodymium motor
  • Second dedicated voice coil
  • Linearized impedance and reduced inductance
  • Dramatically lowered distortion characteristics
  • Increased speed and control of cone assembly

Event Opal 2 Way Active Nearfield Studio Monitor