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FXPansion BFD2 Drum Instrument Software Video

FXPansion BFD2 Drum Instrument Software Video

Fxpansion BFD 2 is the most powerful acoustic drum production workstation ever with Amazing Virtual Vintage Drum Kits!
The FXpansion BFD 2.0 virtual drum library gives you a staggering 55GB of rare, vintage, boutique, and classic drum sounds that will punch up the quality of any recording. The BFD 2.0 sound library, which was recorded at London's legendary Air Lyndhurst studios, features each instrument captured in immaculate detail with multiple mic setups. Within the user interface, you have complete control over the mics like you would in a mixing situation. If you want to assemble your virtual dream kit, look no further than BFD 2.0!

Create expressive, complex drum parts using 55GB of rare, vintage, boutique and classic drumkits. Recorded at AIR Studios in London, BFD2's sound library combines extreme realism with stunning sound quality.

Mix your drums with flexible routing, submixing and built-in EQ, compressors and other effects.

FXPansion BFD2 Drum Instrument Software