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FXpansion BFD Eco Drum Software Video

FXpansion BFD Eco Drum Software Video

FXpansion's BFD Eco is a streamlined acoustic drum software instrument based on the award-winning BFD2 engine. Optimized for flexibility and power while being incredibly easy to use, BFD Eco is provided with an extensive built-in library of drum sounds and patterns, and is also compatible with the wide range of FXpansion and 3rd-party add-on expansions.

BFD Eco gives you easy access to the some of the best sounds in the BFD2 library, recorded at London's Air Studios. The included sounds are full of dramatic levels of detail and mojo. Anything but sterile, BFD Eco is imbued with a musical character that sets it apart from the homogenized, flat sounds found elsewhere.

FXpansion BFD Eco Features

  • Based on the award-winning BFD2 engine
  • Included are over 40 presets and 1500 drum patterns
  • Mixing section, EQ and dynamics/effect processing
  • Overloud's Breverb plate algorithm
  • Customizable keymapping and electronic drum support
  • BFD Eco is upgradable to BFD2

FXpansion BFD Eco Drum Software