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Fender Eric Clapton EC Twinolux Guitar Combo Amplifier Video

Fender Eric Clapton EC Twinolux Guitar Combo Amplifier Video

Built to the exacting specifications of Slow Hand himself, the Fender Eric Clapton EC Twinolux Guitar Combo Amplifier delivers classic tweed tone like no other amp can, while offering modern touches for today's player. The EC Twinolux amp is a fascinating variation on the tweed '57 Twin amp and Fender's answer to Clapton's call for a special model with several distinctive features.

Handmade in the United States with a '50s-era output tube bias tremolo which produces a more throbbing pulse than later Fender tremolo circuits and a switchable power attenuator for reduced speaker output and can disable one speaker for even lower output! The EC Twinolux from Fender presents the pinnacle of personally inspired amp tone for stage and studio alike and is a must for Clapton fans and guitarists who want the ultimate in tube performance.

Fender Eric Clapton EC Twinolux Guitar Amp Features

  • Hand-wired all-tube circuitry on eyelet board; premium components throughout
  • Circuit based on late 1950s 5E8-A Fender Twin amp produces about 40 Watts
  • Single channel with two inputs, high and low gain inputs
  • Tremolo with speed and intensity controls and included footswitch
  • Special Design 12 inch Weber speakers (built by Eminence) with Alnico magnet for dynamic, sensitive response
  • Two Groove Tubes 6L6GE output tubes, four 12AX7 preamp tubes, and dual 5U4 rectifier tubes
  • Custom transformers by Mercury Magnetics
  • Switchable output power Attenuator reduces the speakers' output if desired; one speaker can be switched ‘off’ for even lower output performance
  • Finger-joined solid pine cabinet resonates with a warm, woody tone
  • Genuine lacquered tweed covering with vintage brown/gold grille cloth and leather strap handle
  • Deluxe fitted cover is included
  • Hand made in Corona, California, US

Fender Eric Clapton EC Twinolux Guitar Combo Amplifier