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Fender Machete Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier Video

Fender Machete Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier Video

Discerning guitarists and amp connoisseurs who are both meticulous and adventurous about even the finest details of their sound will find the Fender Machete Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier a formidable member of the Fender family. The Machete is unlike any guitar amp they have ever created-a high-performance, high-gain, high-end tone machine that combines tube sound and highly distinctive cosmetics. The dual-channel, 50-watt Machete combo amp boasts a completely new high-gain channel unlike anything ever seen on a Fender amplifier. It has an extremely clear-sounding clean channel that can be pushed into aggressive rhythm guitar territory and onboard digital reverb.

The Fender Machete Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier Features

  • 6dB of input attenuation provides cleaner response when used with pre-amplified or high-output instruments
  • Pull gain knob to adjust channel-one preamp gain level
  • Pull volume knob out to select the "Channel One Boost" for an extra boost of preamp gain, also switchable from the Machete footswitch or by using MIDI commands
  • Notch control adjusts the channel one mid-frequency attenuation for a variety of American and British tonal flavors
  • Built-in Reverb adjusts the reverb level for both channels
  • Damping control adjusts speaker damping, or the resonance interaction between the power amplifier and the speaker
  • Power amplifier mute switch for silent recording
  • XLR Line output with cabinet emulation selector switch
  • MIDI In for use with MIDI controllers

Its heavily robust enclosure construction and single 12 inch Celestion speaker deliver full, rich and pummeling response, with a midrange notch control, adjustable speaker damping for finely tuned performance, XLR output with switchable speaker muting and cabinet emulation, and push-pull pots for bright boost and gain boost on the rhythm channel. Its distinctive cosmetics include black vinyl covering with inlaid white piping and gray vinyl steering wheel grip accents, black silver strand grille cloth, heavily knurled chrome knobs and redesigned corners and hardware. The Machete includes a four-button footswitch and fitted cover.

Fender Machete Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier