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Fender Mustang I Guitar Combo Amplifier Video

Fender Mustang I Guitar Combo Amplifier Video

The Fender Mustang I is a 20-watt closed-back combo amp with an 8 inch Special Design speaker that sounds great and pumps serious volume. Driven by incredibly authentic amp models and a huge bank of built-in effects, the Mustang I amplifier comes equipped with USB connectivity and Fender FUSE software, allowing your musical creativity and imagination to run wild.

Fender Mustang I Guitar Combo Amplifier Features

  • Amp Modeling: 24 amp presets arranged in three presets each for 8 great amp sounds
  • Controls: Gain, volume, treble, bass, master, preset select, modulation select, delay/reverb select, save button, exit button, tap tempo button
  • 24 onboard presets (unlimited storage with computer)
  • USB connectivity for user programming and audio recording output
  • Auxiliary input for media player
  • Chromatic tuner
  • Fender FUSE application for deep editing, preset storage, patch swapping and free artist content
  • Ableton Live Lite 8 Fender Edition studio-quality recording software compatible with Mustang USB recording output
  • AmpliTube Fender LE software
  • Optional single-button footswitch

High Speed
Mustang I contains 24 highly accurate on-board amp presets with tones from vintage Fender sparkle to outrageous modern metal distortion. (’57 Deluxe, ’59 Bassman, ’65 Twin Reverb, Brit ’60s, Brit ’80s, American ’90s, Metal 2000, Super-Sonic Burn). Arranged in three banks of 8, all 24 amp presets are easily and instantly accessed right out of the box with only a twist of a single knob. Plug in and you’re up and running.

Fender Mustang I Guitar Combo Amplifier