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Fender Rumble 150 Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier Video

Fender Rumble 150 Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier Video

The Rumble 150 Pounds with Powerful Sound!
Grab onto something quick, Fender's Rumble 150 sounds amazing for studio recordings while offering the power you need for those bigger live venues. Rule both stage and studio with unmatched power, the Rumble 150 pumps 150 watts through a 15 inch Fender Special Design Speaker and a piezo horn. Blend adjusted-to-taste overdrive with pure, clean bass tone for a Fender bass sound that is first-rate.

Fender Rumble 150 Combo Features

  • 150 Watts of Power at 4 Ohms
  • Auxilliary Input for CD, Tape or Drum Machine
  • 4-Band EQ with Mid Scoop Button
  • Delta Comp Adaptive Compression Circuitry
  • Effects Loop and Headphone Jack
  • XLR Line Out Jack with Level and Ground Lift
  • Ported Cabinet with Black Carpet Covering
  • Rugged Black Metal Grille and Oversized Plastic Corners

Other useful-in-real-life features include a horn on/off switch, XLR output, four-band active EQ with punch and scoop presets, spring-loaded side handles and removable casters, all in a ported, rugged and easily portable enclosure. Superb Fender bass tone and performance at an unbeatable value.

Fender Rumble 150 Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier