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Fernandes FSK 401 Sustainer Kit Deluxe System Video

Fernandes FSK 401 Sustainer Kit Deluxe System Video

Our first and now legendary Fernandes Sustainer Kit with a Single Coil Size Sustainer Driver.
Complete pre-wired electronics package brings Sustain Control to higher limits. Ready to drop on practically any electric guitar!

The FERNANDES SUSTAINER is a specially designed electronic system for electric guitar that creates controllable sustain of any single or group of notes in the instrument’s sound range. This means that the string(s) will ring at constant intensity indefinitely until stopped, regardless of output and location, even if your guitar is not connected to an amplifier!

What Can the FERNANDES SUSTAINER do for you?
Bring your creativity to new levels by using the Sustainer with any combination of gear in your arsenal of effects, amp modelers and home recording equipment. Discover new sounds exploring the world of controlled sustain and feedback. How do you get natural sustain using digital effects? The FERNANDES SUSTAINER is the way!

Fernandes FSK 401 Sustainer Kit Deluxe System