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Furman PL8C Classic Power Conditioner Video

Furman PL8C Classic Power Conditioner Video

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The Furman PL8C Classic Power Conditioner makes sure you get clean power to your components no matter what the power source. The Furman PL8C passes power from any outlet to your sensitive audio (or other) components. Built in Surge (SMP) and Voltage Spike (EVS) protection will keep your components in top condition even when using the most volatile of power sources.

Furman PL8C Classic Power Conditioner Features

  • Series Multi-Stage Surge Protection (SMP)
  • Linear Noise Filtration Technology (LiFT) to keep hums and pops out of your performance
  • Extreme Voltage Shutdown Protection (EVS) for protection from power spikes
  • Built-in Pull Out Lights for low lit venues
  • Diagnostic Lights provide a visual display of the status of the PL8C
  • Isolated Outlet Banks to eliminate interference between components
  • Wall Wart Spaced outlets for bigger power supplys
  • 9 individual 3-prong Outlets
  • BNC Lamp Jack (Lamp not included)

The 9 outlets on the Furman PL8C are isolated to reduce cross component interference and spaced to fit those horrible Wall Wart power supplys that sometimes can cover more than one outlet on your average surge protector. Front mounted LED lights and a BNC connection to attach a lamp in the rear allows you to see your connections in low lit areas.

Furman PL8C Classic Power Conditioner