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Gibson Les Paul Studio Min-Etune Left Handed Video

Gibson Les Paul Studio Min-Etune Left Handed Video

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Loaded with Gibsonís Min-Etune electronic tuning system, the lefty edition of Gibsonís Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar offers all the remarkable features left handed players want in a serious Les Paul. Blending timeless tonewoods and components with improved comfort, 490R and 498T humbucking pickups with built-in coil-splitting switching for the added versatility of single-coil tones, and the classic looks, the 2013 Les Paul Studio lefty is an incredible value.

Min-eTune System
The powerful Min-ETune tuning system is a slimmed down advancement over the bulky original Robot guitar tuning system. The Min-ETune has a convenient display and controls to make it a much easier interface for quickly tuning your axe.

Min-eTune System Features

  • 12 factory stored preset tunings and 6 user programmable presets
  • Changes from Standard to Eb tuning in 20 seconds
  • Re-freshes tuning in 3 seconds or 1 strum
  • 40-1 gear ratio
  • Lithium battery lasts for 80-100 tunings on 1 charge
  • Lightweight system
  • Vintage style button

Gibson Les Paul Studio Min-Etune Left Handed