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Gibson SG Standard Min-ETune Left Handed Guitar Video

Gibson SG Standard Min-ETune Left Handed Guitar Video

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A Gibson Legacy, the Left Handed SG Standard with Min-Etune is the usurper in a long line of Gibson SG Standards. From that classic SG tone to its great feel and modern functionality, the SG is one of the hardest rocking guitars in existence. The SG Standard with Min-Etune provides electronic tuning for quick tune-ups between songs. A pair of Gibson '57 Classic pickups produce fantastic PAF tones and the small black pickguard gives the classic look of the original SG's.

Min-eTune System
The powerful Min-ETune tuning system is a slimmed down advancement over the bulky original Robot guitar tuning system. The Min-ETune has a convenient display and controls to make it a much easier interface for quickly tuning your axe.

Min-eTune System Features

  • 12 factory stored preset tunings and 6 user programmable presets
  • Changes from Standard to Eb tuning in 20 seconds
  • Re-freshes tuning in 3 seconds or 1 strum
  • 40-1 gear ratio
  • Lithium battery lasts for 80-100 tunings on 1 charge
  • Lightweight system
  • Vintage style button

Gibson SG Standard Min-ETune Left Handed Guitar