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HarpArm Mic Stand Harmonica Holder Video

HarpArm Mic Stand Harmonica Holder Video

The HarpArm is a magnetic harmonica holder that attaches to any standard microphone or boom stand. The HarpArm enhances the enjoyment, performance, playability and learning experience of guitar players, hand percussion players, singers and people who just want to learn the harmonica. It is a revolutionary product that optimizes the comfort of harmonica players worldwide. It also greatly expands the popularity of playing the harmonica, especially as an added instrument, by giving the player much more freedom of movement and expression than they ever had in the past.

HarpArm works with nearly all contemporary harmonicas. Using the HarpStrip, it even works with stainless steel, plastic and wood harmonicas. Telescopes to 16".

HarpArm Mic Stand Harmonica Holder Features:

  • Hands-free harmonica playing – no neck apparatus or upper body fatigue
  • Works with all standard harmonicas and microphone stands
  • 5 different ways to adjust for ultimate flexibility
  • Easily lowered to rest alongside the mic stand when not in use
  • Includes HarpStrip to secure harmonicas that do not contain iron-based steel
  • Telescopes to 16 inches

HarpArm Mic Stand Harmonica Holder