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ION Audio Drum Rocker Rock Band/Guitar Hero Drum Set Video

ION Audio Drum Rocker Rock Band/Guitar Hero Drum Set Video

The ION Audio Drum Rocker Drum Set brings the Rock Band video game drumming experience to a whole new level.
Experience Rock Band drums like never before with this kit designed by Alesis, one of the largest manufacturers of professional electronic drums in the world. The Drum Rocker Set features a response that is light years beyond similar drum sets. The Drum rocker's professional aluminum drum rack is designed to take a beating while letting you position your snare, tom and cymbal pads wherever you want. When you’re ready to move from playing Rock Band drums to playing in a rock band, you can remove the color rings, swap the game controller module with one of the professional drum brains made by Alesis, and you're ready to rock for real!

ION Audio Drum Rocker Features

  • Officially licensed Premium Drum Set for Rock Band 2 video game (Activision has stated that Guitar Hero World Tour will work with Xbox 360 Rock Band drum controllers, which means that Drum Rocker will work with Guitar Hero World Tour in the same way that the core Harmonix drums will work.)
  • Low-noise, velocity sensitive pads for playing Rock Band drums
  • Fully-adjustable setup
  • Extremely durable
  • Expandable with third cymbal or second bass pedal
  • Can be used as a standalone drum kit when used with optional Alesis DM5 module
  • Can be connected to a PC to trigger sounds using the optional Alesis Trigger|iO

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, playing Rock Band drums with the Drum Rocker drum set is great for any style or technique. The quality and response of this drum set is beyond similar sets.

ION Audio Drum Rocker Rock Band/Guitar Hero Drum Set