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JamHub TourBus Silent Rehearsal Studio Video

JamHub TourBus Silent Rehearsal Studio Video

JamHub TourBus Silent Rehearsal Studio let's you play on 11 while your neighbors hear 1.
Who would have ever thought that silent rehearsal studio would be so compact and easy to use. Grab up to 6 friends (7 including you) and get ready to rock all day and all night. JamHub TourBus silent rehearsal studio enables musicians of all skills and styles to rehearse or jam more often and for longer durations, day or night and even record straight onto a removable SD card. Musicians can hear their music as loud as they want, yet the band remains quiet enough for a bedroom, dorm room or apartment. Using the SoleMix controls on their section of the JamHub, each musician creates a unique mix for their headphones so they can hear clearly. Volume Wars are dead and gone. Jam anywhere, anytime and get better faster.

JamHub TourBus Features

  • 21 audio channels for up to 7 musicians
  • 7 individual sections each with a unique mix
  • The R section is designed for recording or for connecting an MP3 player (or both)
  • SoleMix controls in each section, Each member creates their own mix
  • Two SoleMix remotes with 12 foot cable included (accommodates up to 4 remotes)
  • Stage control gives each player a virtual location in the studio
  • Built-in recording to SD RAM card (included)
  • USB jack for direct recording to a computer
  • 1-R switch for quickly monitoring the recording mix from section 1
  • Built in 24-bit, stereo effects including reverbs, delays and modulation effects
  • Phantom power (+48V)
  • Metronome built into recording system

JamHub TourBus Silent Rehearsal Studio