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KRK VXT8 Active Studio Monitor Video

KRK VXT8 Active Studio Monitor Video

Creating world class studio monitors for a variety of markets, the KRK VXT series achieves a new level of performance. Using stringent design philosophies similar to KRK's flagship close-field monitor, the Expose E8B, the VXT8 monitor has been designed to reproduce the true nature of your recordings. The VXT 8 raises the bar for recording monitors used by professional engineers, musicians and DJs world wide.

The VXT Series includes new proprietary woofers and tweeters, a newly designed curved face plate for excellent imaging, a new cabinet design that provides low resonance, improved structural integrity and extended low-end and slotted ports that greatly reduce port turbulence.

KRK engineers started with the extremely functional cabinet design of the flagship monitor, the Exposé E8B to create a very high performance yet attractive line of monitors. The curved cabinet and faceplate provide excellent imaging characteristics and a wider "sweet spot". (Many monitors have discontinuous elements which can increase diffraction.) The use of ABS structural foam as the cabinet material provides excellent damping characteristics and extended low end due to more internal volume. The ABS foam also absorbs shocks really well so the cabinet is extremely impact resistant.

KRK VXT8 Active Studio Monitor