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Korg Krome 88 Key Synthesizer Workstation Video

Korg Krome 88 Key Synthesizer Workstation Video

With 88 Natural Weighted hammer action keys, incredible full-length, unlooped samples of every key for a spectacular piano sound, and an intuitive 7 inch touchscreen for easy navigation, the Korg Krome 88 Key Synthesizer Workstation stands apart from every other workstation in its class. For the gigging and studio musician, the Korg Krome 88 will provide a limitless palette of sound to bring vivid inspiration to your music!

Korg Krome 88 Key Synthesizer Workstation Features

  • Kronos-derived full length, unlooped piano and drum sounds, plus new electric pianos designed to shine on stage
  • 88 Natural Weighted Hammer Action keys for an incredible feel
  • Electric pianos with eight-level velocity switching for unmatched expressive power
  • Clear, intuitive control with Korg’s exclusive 7-inch color TouchView display
  • Drums offering separately mixable direct and ambient sounds for studio-grade quality
  • Drum Track plays back realistic, inspiring grooves at the touch of a button
  • Expertly created, in-demand sounds including 640 Programs and 288 Combinations
  • Powerful Effects with 5 Inserts, 2 Master, and 1 Total FX, plus per track/timbre EQ
  • Distinctive aluminum panel design exudes a sense of quality
  • USB connection to your computer, plus an SD Card slot for data storage
  • You can use the Krome editor to edit sounds on your computer

The Krome 88 keyboard features a carefully chosen selection of the top sounds available today such as piano, electric piano, and vital and dynamic drum kits, giving you the best of the basics. These highly usable piano, electric piano, and drum sounds by themselves set the Krome 88 apart from any other keyboard in its class. With sound quality and features normally found in much more expensive instruments, Korg’s Krome is a unique and irreplaceable partner for real-world musicians.

Korg Krome 88 Key Synthesizer Workstation