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Korg Kronos 61 Synthesizer Workstation Video

Korg Kronos 61 Synthesizer Workstation Video

Korg has reimagined the concept of synthesizer workstations in a big way, the 61-key Kronos Synthesizer Workstation offers powerful sounds, creative KARMA variable phrasing, and the same responsive synth action keyboard brought over from the Korg M3 61-key synthesizer. The most revolutionary sounds, style and functionality for music production and live playing, Kronos changes the game for keyboardists everywhere.

Korg Kronos 61 Synthesizer Workstation Keyboard Features

  • 9 Sound engines, each offering a unique sound-creation technology (see list below)
  • 16-part Combis allow all engines to function together in perfect harmony
  • Dynamic Voice Allocation to keep the polyphony high
  • Responsive synth keyboard action from the Korg M3-61
  • Comprehensive interface, based around a new large 8 inch TFT TouchView display
  • Virtual Memory Technology (VMT)
    • Aided by a fast SSD (Solid State Disk)
    • High polyphony and massive, ultra-long, and unlooped samples
    • Unheard of performance from a hardware instrument
  • Smooth Sound Transition allows held or sustained notes to keep sounding when changing sounds or modes
  • Set List mode organizes Programs, Combis, and Songs in an easy-to-select screen
    • Includes performance notes!
  • Use up to 16 premium-quality effects at once; individual effects rival dedicated units
    • 12 Insert effects
    • 2 Master effects
    • 2 Total effects
  • On-board sequencer
    • 16 MIDI tracks + 16 audio tracks
    • 24-bit, 48kHz recording quality
  • Open Sampling System – Instant sampling and resampling from any mode
  • Sophisticated KARMA technology generates infinitely variable performance-driven phrases, musical effects, and backing tracks to catalyze your creativity
  • Expanded Drum Track for play-along grooves and inspiration
  • Signature sounds created with guidance from world class musicians

The Game Has Been Changed
Kronos is more than a new instrument. It is a milestone in synthesis and workstation evolution; one that embodies fresh ideas and breakthrough technologies. Kronos brings together multiple sound engines working in harmony and new interactive performance features that reflect the way musicians play. Most importantly, Kronos provides a seemingly inexhaustible supply of breathtaking, spectacular sounds. Prepare to be amazed.

Korg Kronos 61 Synthesizer Workstation