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Korg WaveDrum Oriental Percussion Synthesizer Pad Video

Korg WaveDrum Oriental Percussion Synthesizer Pad Video

The Limited Edition Korg WaveDrum Oriental Electronic Dynamic Percussion Synthesizer Pad boasts a massive infusion of popular, unique, and accurate Arabic percussion sounds, all eminently playable from the dynamic rim and real drum head surface. The WaveDrum Oriental is distinguished by its revolutionary synthesis technology, and by an interface that allows a direct physical method of performance, making it the ideal instrument for replicating and articulating these exacting Arabic sounds.

Korg WaveDrum Oriental Electronic Percussion Synth Features

  • Full range of algorithms and PCM samples dedicated to Arabic percussion
  • 150 preset programs and 150 user programs
  • Sensitive head which responds to subtle nuances in playing technique
  • 300 PCM Instruments: 150 head and 150 rim
  • 140 loop phrases with various genres and tempos

Arabic percussion – indispensable to belly dancing, world music, and other popular genres – owes its groove and exotic atmosphere not just to its non-western musical theory and unique performance techniques, but also to the distinctive sound of specific percussion instruments including the doumbek, darbuka, riq, def, and tar, even the bendir. The striking surfaces of these Arabic percussion instruments are extremely simple, yet they are able to produce a wide range of timbres, one of the essential requirements for playing these inimitable Arabic sounds.

Korg WaveDrum Oriental Percussion Synthesizer Pad