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Lehle Dual SGoS Amp Switcher AB Pedal Video

Lehle Dual SGoS Amp Switcher AB Pedal Video

The Lehle Dual is the Second Generation of Switching
The Dual is able to route your signal via gold-plated relays to outputs A, B or T. Outputs A and B can feed two different amps simultaneously since the signal paths are electrically isolated by the Lehle LTHZ high-end transformer, completely eliminating humming loops. In this case, the potentiometers enable you to lower the output signal for A and B separately. Output T can be used for a tuner or a third amplifier. Both inputs can be routed in stereo to Outputs A and B. In addition, the Lehle Dual also incorporates gold-plated phase-reverse and ground switches.

Lehle Dual SGoS Features

  • Gold-plated Relays and Switches
  • MIDI Send and Receive
  • No Hum Loops
  • Adjustable Gain
  • Stereo Output

The Lehle Dual can be controlled and synchronized with other Lehle SGoS Switchers via MIDI.

Lehle Dual SGoS Amp Switcher AB Pedal