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Lewitt Audio MTP 540 DMS with Switch Dynamic Vocal Mic Video

Lewitt Audio MTP 540 DMS with Switch Dynamic Vocal Mic Video

Excellent for stage and demanding studio work the MTP 540 DMS is a high-performance cardioid dynamic handheld microphone optimized for vocal applications. Combining advanced technological features, the MTP 540 DMS microphone will help you create memorable vocal recordings and performances. The MTP 540 DMS with switch is a top-notch professional dynamic microphone featuring an elastic shock-mount system which effectively cuts down handling noise. Additional features are a built-in spherical wind and pop filter which compliments specially tailored frequency response to ensure consistently rich and powerful output in any setting.

Lewitt Audio MTP 540 DMS Handheld Vocal Microphone Features

  • Frequency response shaped specifically for demanding vocal applications, with brightened midrange and bass roll-off
  • Uniform cardioid pickup pattern for maximum isolation of the main sound source
  • Highly shock-proof capsule minimizes handling noise
  • Easily withstands high sound pressure levels
  • Effective integrated acoustic pop and windshield offers excellent protection without compromising high-frequency clarity
  • Rock-solid full-metal, die-cast body for rough daily touring routine
  • Hardened hexagonal ruthenium-galvanized steel mesh grille to prevent wear and abuse
  • Minimally affected by varying load impedance
  • The MTP 540 DMs features a convenient recessed on/off slide switch
  • Corrosion-resistant gold-plated 3-pin XLR output connector
  • Comes in a cardboard box with foam layers; includes MTP 40 MCs shock mount and DTP 40 Lb artificial leather bag

Lewitt Audio MTP 540 DMS with Switch Dynamic Vocal Mic