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Line 6 BackTrack Guitar Digital Recorder Video

Line 6 BackTrack Guitar Digital Recorder Video

The Line 6 BackTrack Instant Replay Recorder is an Instant Replay Button for your guitar.
Unfortunately you aren't always ready when inspiration strikes. Taking the time setting up to record your idea you could lose it forever. As long as it is on, your ideas will always be captured. Simple and sleek, BackTrack is always listening, automatically all of your inspiration and revelations.

Don't bother pressing Record, BackTrack starts capturing your audio when it hears you start to play. Let it run, it's always on. Clip BackTrack on your belt or guitar strap, plug it in between your guitar and amp or take it anywhere you feel the most inspired. BackTrack can capture up to 12 hours of stunning audio, Upgrade to the BackTrack with Mic and get 24 hours of captured audio and a built in microphone to capture Vocal ideas or dictation.

Super simple to use, when you're done playing something brilliant, press the Mark button to and BackTrack knows that recording was special. With the 1/4-inch output connected to an amplifier or PA, you can instantly review marked and non-marked easily with the press of a button.

Line 6 BackTrack Guitar Digital Recorder