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Line 6 Spider IV 30 Guitar Combo Amplifier Video

Line 6 Spider IV 30 Guitar Combo Amplifier Video

Line 6 Spider IV 30 Guitar Combo Amplifier; Quality Amp models with 7 Smart Effects, The Sonic Possibilities are Incredible!
30 watts of power radiates from the 12 inch Celestion Custom speaker, delivering exceptional definition, clarity and feel. Inside you find the perfect ensemble of celebrated American and British amp tones along with the unprecedented control of Line 6 Smart FX. With attention to the finest details of modeling and effects, no wonder Line 6's previous model (Spider III) was the  top-selling guitar amp line in the country. Spider IV 30 is ready to take the reigns with 12 essential amp tones, 7 inspiring effects, built-in tuner, a three-band EQ section for tone-shaping control and a three-quarter closed-back cabinet that adds the perfect tight, snappy response to the diverse range of tones.

Line 6 Spider IV 30 Features:

  • The most advanced Line 6 amp modeling to date  
  • Instant access to great sound with easy-to-use Smart FX controls and presets
  • 30 watts through a 12 custom Celestion speaker
  • 12 amp models
  • 4 channels of user-created presets
  • 7 Smart FX (up to 3 at once)
  • Built-in tuner

Amp Models
Spinning the amp model knob on the front panel of Spider IV 30 is like browsing through a museum of the 12 most revered guitar tones of all time. Vintage British beauties, modern American monsters and more, Spider IV 30 features the historic amp tones that all guitarists are required to have in their collections.

Line 6 Spider IV 30 Guitar Combo Amplifier