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Line 6 Spider IV 75 Guitar Combo Amplifier Video

Line 6 Spider IV 75 Guitar Combo Amplifier Video

Line 6 Spider IV 75 MKII Guitar Combo Amplifier; Insane Rock Star Tones!
All the effects and amp models you've only dreamed of, until now! 75 watts of power, compact 1x12 inch enclosure, the Spider IV 75 from Line 6 pulls out all the stops providing modeling that redefines the spectrum of sonic possiblilities you expect from modeling amplifiers. Appliying all the features that made Spider III the best 1-selling guitar amp line in the country, Spider IV 75 offers 500+ presets, modern and vintage amp tones and their revolutionary and adjustable Smart FX. Browse through an incredible collection of classic and revered guitar tones at the turn of a dial. Cranked through the 12-inch Celestion custom speaker and you have the stuff that dreams are made of.

Line 6 Spider IV 75 MKII Features

  • The most advanced Line 6 amp modeling to date
  • 300 artist presets handcrafted by Coheed and Cambria, Johnny Marr, Slipknot and others
  • Instant access to great sound with easy-to-use Smart FX controls and presets
  • 75 Watts of pure power
  • 12 inch custom Celestion speaker
  • Almost 200 song-based presets from the 50's to today, plus pitch-based presets
  • 4 channels, 64 user-created presets
  • 16 of the latest, most advanced Line 6 amp models
  • 20 Smart FX (up to 4 at once)
  • Quick Loop 14-second looper

At your fingertips are over 300 presets hand-crafted for Spider IV by 50 rock stars and bands, almost 200 presets that give you timeless tones that span generations, and up to 64 presets of your own creation. Who do you want to sound like today? Over 50 rock stars and bands used the superior tones and jaw-dropping effects of Spider IV to hand-craft more than 300 presets. Access the tones of the pros with the push of a button!

Line 6 Spider IV 75 Guitar Combo Amplifier