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Mackie MR5mk2 Powered Studio Monitor Video

Mackie MR5mk2 Powered Studio Monitor Video

The Mackie MR5mk2 Mackie Reference Monitor is the perfect solution for those ready to step up to a truly professional monitoring system. The completely re-voiced MR5mk2 features all-new high-end drivers and provides unmatched frequency response performance in its category. The MR5mk2ís precision Class A/B amplification (55W LF / 30W HF) offers class-leading power, tons of connection options and simple acoustic controls for room correction. Plus, an optimally sized custom waveguide and minimum-diffraction molded baffle work in concert to provide superior stereo imaging and depth. With unbelievable power, performance and clarity the MR5mk2 stands alone in its class.

Mackie MR5mk2 Powered Studio Monitor Features

  • High-resolution, powered studio reference monitor 
  • Ultra low-distortion 5.25 inch LF driver 
  • Long voice coil winding length allows high output with controlled low frequency performance 
  • Optimally sized inverted dust cap stiffens cone for smooth response 
  • Hyperbolic curved cone profile reduces severe cone resonances 
  • High-output 1 inch soft dome tweeter 
  • Neodymium magnet minimizes distortion and handles fast transients in dynamic source material 
  • Ferro-fluid cooling protects against power compression 
  • Acoustic absorption backing material provides smooth, reflection-free performance 
  • Precision Class A/B amplification with Active protection circuits: 55W for LF / 30W for HF 
  • Optimally sized custom waveguide provides seamless transition of HF and LF 
  • Minimum-diffraction molded baffle imparts superior stereo imaging and depth 
  • Adjustable HF and LF acoustic controls offer sonic tailoring to your mixing space 
  • Flexible inputs include XLR, TRS and RCA connections 
  • Magnetic shielding allows safe placement near computers and video monitors 
  • Precisely tuned to work interchangeably with other MRmk2 monitors

Mackie MR5mk2 Powered Studio Monitor