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M-Audio Fast Track C600 USB Audio Interface Video

M-Audio Fast Track C600 USB Audio Interface Video

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Keep your creativity flowing with the M-Audio Fast Track C600 USB Audio Interface. This is the next-generation Fast Track works the way you want and redefines the role of the audio interface in your creative process. The C600 has an assignable Multi button that lets you stay in your creative flow without having to touch a mouse. Imagine the possibilities of programming any sequence, up to 8 steps, for any software program that supports ASCII key commands. Or, you can choose the convenient preset workflows with Live, Cubase, Reason, Pro Tools and Logic.

The M-Audio Fast Track C600 USB Audio Interface Features

  • Assignable Multi button
  • Built-in monitor management system Use with multiple software programs that supports ASCII key commands
  • MX Core DSP technology
  • Pro Tools SE software
  • 6 x 8, 24-bit/96 kHz audio interface
  • Top-panel controls and assignable Multi button
  • Near-zero latency monitor mixer with built-in reverb and delay effects

Stop taxing your CPU - the onboard MX Core DSP technology in the C600 gives you reverb or delay on the headphone outputs with the turn of a single knob, inspiring great performances. You can set up inspiring headphone mixes easier than ever before. The MX Core mixer also provides sophisticated channel-routing options-accessible via an intuitive control panel. The built-in monitor management system on the C600 also gives you an easy way to A/B your mixes on up to 3 sets of studio monitors (or two sets of monitors and a subwoofer) so you can be sure your final product will sound great on any speakers.

M-Audio Fast Track C600 USB Audio Interface