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Marshall MA50C Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier Video

Marshall MA50C Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier Video

The Marshall MA50C guitar combo amplifier provides the iconic warmth and power of Marshall's all-tube flagship series plus it is built to survive the road. The easy to use MA50C guitar combo amplifier delivers that classic Marshall tone at an affordable price. The Marshall MA series is the perfect choice for your first all tube amplifier or for the touring musician.

Attractive Looks
The aesthetics of the MA have been specially designed to create a look that stands apart from most other amplifiers from Marshall, while still retaining the essence of what people have become familiar with for over 45 years. Two orange LED’s illuminate the interior of the unit, highlighting the power valves. This effect is visible through the fret cloth where the trusty white script logo is mounted onto a solid piece of transparent Perspex.

Tube Power And Tone Simply Executed
MA amplifiers are powered using the traditional Marshall mainstays of ECC83 double triode valves in the preamp, and EL34 pentode valves in the power amp. The layout and controls are kept simple, allowing you to explore unhindered the full potential of the all-valve tone within. The amplifier benefits from separate equalisation stages for both the Clean channel and Overdrive channel allowing you to optimally adjust each one without compromising the other. An extra benefit has been provided in the form of a valve driven ‘Boost’ function on the OD channel giving you, for example, a solo boost with more volume and gain. The amp also contains a spring reverb for use with all channels within the amp.

Marshall MA50C Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier