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Miktek PM10 Snare Tom Drum Microphone with Clamp Video

Miktek PM10 Snare Tom Drum Microphone with Clamp Video

The Miktek PM10 super cardioid, dynamic microphone features a custom designed, neodymium capsule element offering extremely clear and articulate sound reproduction. The MikTek PM10 Snare Tom Drum Microphone's frequency response is full and robust and has been contoured to snare and tom-toms. Plus, the capsule's unique labyrinth design provides ultimate rear rejection and maximum gain before feedback, so your snare and toms cut though the PA. The PM10 is an excellent choice for conga, timbale, hand-drums and other percussion as well. The PM10 mic also features Miktek's Level-Lock Rim Mount Clip so the PM10 can be attached directly to the drum rim.

With high SPL capabilities the PM10 can easily accommodate the loudest drummers and can even be used to mic up loud guitar amps and brass instruments. The PM10's steel grill and die cast body ensure durability and reliability night after night. The PM 10 can be set upon a traditional microphone stand, or use the included clip to quickly attached the microphone to your snare or tom rim. The ultra sleek, silver finish with stainless steel and black appointments make the PM10 an attractive complement to any drum kit. The Miktek PM10 Snare/Tom microphone will reproduce the sound of your kit faithfully, delivering solid backbeat and dramatic fills.

Miktek PM10 Snare Tom Drum Microphone with Clamp