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Monster Cable Standard 100 Guitar Instrument Cable Video

Monster Cable Standard 100 Guitar Instrument Cable Video

Monster Standard 100 Instrument Cable is the first step into a world of flawlessly detailed guitar and bass sound.
Precision windings and heavy gauge construction give your sound more presence, wider frequency response, and excellent dynamic range. Dense spiral copper with special dielectric minimizes handling noise. Extra-flexible jacket endures extended stage and studio use. Reinforced connectors stand up to rugged use whether whether you’re gigging, tracking in the studio, or jamming in the garage.

Monster 100 Series Features & Specifications

  • Precision coaxial design for accurate frequency repsonse and wide dynamic range
  • 90% coverage copper-braided shield rejects RFI and EMI for a lower noise floor and increased resolution
  • Carbon-infused dielectric reduces microphonic pops and cracks for a noise-free cable design
  • IsoTec vibration techonlogy further redudes handling noise
  • Extra-flexible Duraflex outer jacket for superior reliability and cut resistance
  • Interchageable, color O ring attaches to each connector for customized identification
  • New heavy-duty, molded connector design increases durability and resists damage
  • Hard chrome contact 1/4 inch connectors are durable and corrosion resistant

Professionals recognize that the quality of cable in a sound system can dramatically affect, for better or worse, an entire mix, or an instrument's tone. When you're ready to settle for nothing less than premium cable, Monster is the name to turn to. Available in 3 grades, all Monster Cables are known for incredibly pure sound quality. On a budget? Monster Standard 100 instrument, mic and speaker cables deliver improved performance at an affordable price.

Monster Cable Standard 100 Guitar Instrument Cable