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Novation 25 SL MKII 25 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller Video

Novation 25 SL MKII 25 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller Video

The 25 SL Mk II keyboard controller combines a high quality semi-weighted keyboard with a full DAW and plug-in control surface that visually feeds back all control information to the user. A giant 144-character display, back lit LED buttons and LED ringed encoders show the status of all controls. Ultra-quick mapping of all 56 knobs, faders and buttons is managed by the groundbreaking Automap 3 PRO software.

Novation 25 SL MK II Features

  • MK II ships with the latest Automap 3 PRO
  • All dials and faders are now touch-sensitive
  • All SL MK II’s buttons are illuminated
  • MK II features a single LED screen (as it now features the Automap Heads-up GUI)
  • SL MK II’s top row of dials have 11-LED rings for instant feedback
  • Top row of encoders are now smooth, rather than detented.
  • SL MK II’s transport control buttons can also be used as fully assignable buttons.
  • SL MK II features new soft-feel drum pads.
  • USB powered or optional external power supply. No longer features batteries

The difficulty with other control surfaces is knowing what is assigned to what. The 25 SL Mk II has a giant 144-character ultra-bright LCD screen that displays all the parameter names and values for the currently selected row of controllers. All 8 faders and 16 knobs are touch sensitive, so the moment one is touched, the display shows the names and values on that row and puts brackets around the controller that is currently being touched. This enables the user to see which parameter is assigned to the controller without having to change the value, or refer to their software. The 25 SL Mk II also has a dedicated 'Speed Dial' knob, which can be used to change the value of any parameter the cursor is positioned over without making any assignments whatsoever.

Novation 25 SL MKII 25 Key USB MIDI Keyboard Controller