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Pearl Forum FZH725B 5 Piece Drum Set Video

Pearl Forum FZH725B 5 Piece Drum Set Video

The Forum FZH Drum Set includes absolutely everything you will need to get started on your path drumming satisfaction, including a set of high-quality cymbals, a pair of 5A sticks and a sturdy drum throne.

Pearl Forum Upgraded Features for 2010
Pearl's patented Integrated Suspension System Tom Mounts, already featured on Pearl's Vision Series, now come standard on Forum. The I.S.S. Mounts attach to the hoop of the toms without contacting the shell, maximizing resonance and minimizing time spent changing drumheads. Improved cymbals provide a much higher quality sound, new low-mass lugs increase resonance, and three finishes (Jet Black, Red Wine, Pure White) that feature black drum hardware, making them the only standard black drum hardware kits in their class.

Every Pearl drum is made using Pearl's Superior Shell Technology for extreme strength, optimal resonance and superior tone. Forum is no exception, and it is Pearl's superior quality at every level that sets a Pearl drum apart from any other in the industry. Pearl believes so strongly in its product that it offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty on every wood drum it makes. It is this commitment to quality that makes Pearl a leader in today's percussion world.

Pearl Forum FZH725B 5 Piece Drum Set