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Pearl Sonic Boom Cajon Video

Pearl Sonic Boom Cajon Video

The Pearl Sonic Boom Cajon was designed to produce a resonance, projection and tonal quality like no other cajon drum before. This Made-in-America beauty features an all Birch body and front plate which provide wondrous resonance that speaks clearly through the Sonic Boom Cajon’s frontward facing bass port. The bass port is enhanced by a built-in scoop, directing sound and air pressure through the port, emitting a seriously rich tone.

Great comfort is provided by the backwards tilted front plate, eliminating the need to hunch over or rock the cajon backwards to strike the face. The Pearl Sonic Boom Cajon’s voice is genuinely unique due to the lack of snares within the cajon, giving it a clear, natural, and Earthly tone. Made in the USA, the Sonic Boom Cajon is a massive low-end producer perfect for the small acoustic settings or larger amplified venues.

Pearl Sonic Boom Cajon