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Pearl Wedge Tri-Side Cajon Video

Pearl Wedge Tri-Side Cajon Video

The Pearl Wedge Tri-Side Cajon will make a dynamic addition to any percussion set-up! Pearl designed this three-sided cajon to provide the most comfortable playing position by having two matching striking plates that are easily played by each hand while sitting in an upright position. With the Wedge Tri-Side cajon drum, you will no longer need to hunch over to have both hands play on the same surface.

The Wedge cajon is of fiberglass construction and features a wood grain Artisan II finish. Pearl equips it with a set of fixed-snares, giving a crisp timbre to this revolutionary cajon. The larger, rounded backside of the cajon serves as a deep resonance chamber and has a built-in bass port, enhancing the subsonic frequencies for a dynamic low-end sonority.

Pearl Wedge Tri-Side Cajon