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Peavey Impulse 12D Powered Speaker Enclosure Video

Peavey Impulse 12D Powered Speaker Enclosure Video

The Impulse 12D powered enclosure from Peavey features a true ribbon driver and a 12” Peavey Black Widow loudspeaker engineered with dual voice coil, push-pull technology and a neodymium magnet. A Woofer Servo circuit monitors back-EMF and controls cone motion, ensuring the cone’s movement mirrors the driving signal from the power amp, and resulting in very low distortion, high power handling and rock-solid low-frequency attack.

Peavey Impulse 12D Powered Speaker Features:

  • 1,200 watts from Peavey IPR power section
  • Auto Off function shuts off power when there is no input signal
  • Two independently mixed input channels with level controls and mic/line switch
  • Two-way, bi-amplified, optimized active servo drive loudspeaker system
  • 12” Black Widow loudspeaker and proprietary 120 mm ribbon driver
  • Combo XLR-1/4” and Phoenix connectors on channel 1
  • Combo XLR-1/4” and RCA connectors on channel 2
  • XLR, 1/4” TRS and Phoenix outputs on Line Out
  • Woofer Servo technology for low distortion and high power handling
  • Exclusive DDT anti-clipping speaker protection
  • Injection molded enclosure with pole mount, 3 flying points, and tilt back design for monitor use
  • 26 pounds

The advanced upgraded ribbon driver is an exclusive Peavey design based on the ribbons used in the Peavey VersarrayTM line array which provide 90 H x 30 V of coverage with sonically transparent reproduction.

Peavey Impulse 12D Powered Speaker Enclosure