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Peterson BBS1 BodyBeat Sync Wireless Pulsating Metronome Video

Peterson BBS1 BodyBeat Sync Wireless Pulsating Metronome Video

Create a Network of Pulsating Metronomes!
The BodyBeat Sync represents the ultimate in musical tempo reference devices. As a fully featured metronome, it is capable of transmitting the beat by visual, aural and tactile means. Wireless functionality allows two or more BodyBeat Syncs to work in synchronicity with one another, allowing the networking of multiple units on stage, in the recording studio, band room or anywhere the precise synchronization of a performance and its performers is required.

Peterson BBS1 BodyBeat Metronome Features

  • Audio, Visual or Tactile delivery modes 
  • Feel the beat from the vibration clip 
  • 3 different audio choices 
  • Feel or hear a variety of subdivisions and accent patterns 
  • 10 to 280 BPM tempo range with tap tempo feature 
  • Independently selectable time signature components 
  • Wide variety of subdivisions displayed in notation format 
  • Meter-based accent patterns ( additive meters ) 
  • Store up to 99 presets 
  • Load and play MIDI tempo maps 
  • Sync to external DAW MIDI time-code 
  • Lockout panel to prevent accidental changes to settings 
  • Encoder dial for quick entry of values 
  • Built-in speaker with volume control 
  • USB rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery 
  • USB connection for MIDI and firmware updates

Peterson BBS1 BodyBeat Sync Wireless Pulsating Metronome