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Planet Waves NS Mini Headstock Guitar Tuner Video

Planet Waves NS Mini Headstock Guitar Tuner Video

Designed in cooperation with renowned inventor Ned Steinberger, the NS Mini Headstock Tuner allows you to tune better thanks to its virtually invisible, low-profile design, highly-sensitive piezo pickup and super-bright backlit display. Tune inconspicuously, quickly and accurately in dark or noisy environments. Only you'll know you're tuning!

Planet Waves PWCT12 Mini Headstock Tuner Features

  • Compact, low profile design stays concealed from your audience
  • Chromatic tuning automatically senses the note being played
  • Easy-to-read, multi-color display works well in well-lit and dark environments
  • 360 degree swivel for optimal right or left-handed viewing
  • Durable ratchet system for secure placement on headstock
  • Ultra-sensitive piezo pickup for quick response and highly accurate tuning
  • Fits safely in cases or gigbags… leave one on every guitar!
  • Choose to display notes as sharps or flats
  • Adjustable calibration between 430hz - 450hz
  • Automatic shut-off after 10 minutes of use preserves battery life
  • Trusted by stage and studio professionals

Planet Waves NS Mini Headstock Guitar Tuner