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Point Source Audio CO6 Headset Microphone Package Video

Point Source Audio CO6 Headset Microphone Package Video

Like its sister the CO5 model, the new CO6 earset mic features equivalent speech optimized characteristics at a maximum 125dB SPL, but now includes all the premium attributes that come with the celebrated unbreakable boom. The CO6 Earworn Microphone is designed for vocal reinforcement for church liturgy, singing, aerobics instruction, lecturing, sports-casting and other applications that require high quality vocal pick up in a hands-free environment. The boom life is prolonged with the enhanced durability of the completely bendable boom. It is less susceptible to wind and clothing noise than lavaliere style microphones. Additionally, its distinguishing clarity in close-talk operation and excellent gain before feedback make it suitable for applications where higher degrees of speech intelligibility are desired.

Point Source Audio CO6 Headset Mic Features

  • Bendable boom up to 360 degrees
  • Optimized for clarity
  • Increased gain before feedback
  • Flexible left, right or dual ear design
  • Water resistant
  • Converts to dual earset - left or right ear 
  • Includes 6-pk windscreens

Convert your ear worn microphone to an earset in seconds
Converting to a dual earset microphone takes only seconds with a simple locking twist of the ear hook. This one-size-fits-all design means exceptional flexibility for venues needing to accommodate multiple speakers and their wearing preferences.

Point Source Audio CO6 Headset Microphone Package