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PreSonus ACP88 8 Channel Compressor Gate Video

PreSonus ACP88 8 Channel Compressor Gate Video

The ACP88 gives you total dynamics control for multi-tracking and live sound reinforcement. Eight compressor/limiters deliver transparent dynamics control. Eight full featured gates seamlessly control unwanted noise and bleed-through. Control vocals, tame drums, protect speakers, tighten the low-end – all from just two rack spaces of powerful processing.


  • Eight Full Featured Compressor/Limiters
  • Eight Full Featured Gates
  • Side Chain on Every Channel
  • Trigger Inputs on Every Channel
  • Balanced/Unbalanced I/O
  • Comprehensive Linking via Unique Power Summing Bus
  • Takes the Place of Multiple Processors
  • Crystal Clear Compression & Gating for Multi-Tracking & Live Sound
  • Allows Spectral Processing & Gate Keying via Separate Jacks
  • +4/-10 Stereo Operating Level

The ACP88 is an eight-channel dynamics processor designed to provide compression, limiting, and noise gating in a variety of applications; such as multitrack recording, live sound reinforcement, broadcast and permanent sound installations. Value for the dollar is unmatched. Quality is uncompromised. Thousands of these units are in use around the world. The best names in the business depend on this unit. We think you will too!

Each channel on the ACP88 provides crystal clear, musical compression and is equipped with full-featured controls including variable attack and release and switchable soft/hard knee. Also, an “Auto” mode on every channel takes the guesswork out of setting the compressor. The noise gates are excellent for cleaning up drums, vocals, and instruments. Gate feature set includes; threshold, variable attack & release times and gate range controls. The Gate boasts a Gate Key/Sidechain for precise frequency gating applications. In addition, each channel has a seven-segment LED meter that displays gain reduction, and an LED indicator for gate position (open/close) and compression threshold (above/below). A unique linking function makes it possible for any channel to be linked to the previous. This comprehensive bus can link two to eight channels together in any order as well as create various link groups. De-essing, ducking and other forms of spectral processing can be accomplished using the compressor Sidechain provided on every channel.

PreSonus ACP88 8 Channel Compressor Gate