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QSC AP-5122m AcousticPerformance Stage Monitor Video

QSC AP-5122m AcousticPerformance Stage Monitor Video

The QSC AP-5122m AcousticPerformance Stage Monitor is a two-way, full-range loudspeaker featuring a 12-inch woofer and is ideal for a variety of portable and installed sound reinforcement applications and can be used as a floor wedge or a main speaker! The AP-5122m uses a high power-capacity 3-inch diaphragm compression driver and combines it with a 12-inch woofer to deliver exceptional full bandwidth reproduction and high SPL. A 40 degree monitor angle, M10 fittings, speaker pole cup and yoke mount fittings allow the QSC AP-5122m to be used in virtually any set-up.

QSC AP-5122m AcousticPerformance Stage Monitor Features

  • DMT (Directivity Matched Transition) ensures smooth, coherent power response across the listening plane
  • 90 degree coverage of the axisymmetric waveguide matches natural coverage of the 12-inch woofer at the crossover point for consistent power response
  • 3-inch voice coil compression driver for outstanding high-frequency performance
  • 40 degree monitor deployment angle ideal for floor monitor use
  • M10 fittings, pole cup for speaker stand, and yoke mount fittings offer flexible deployment options for a variety of applications
  • Dual NL4 Speakon connector
  • Bi-Amp / Passive switchable
  • 15-ply Baltic birch plywood construction
  • 16-Gauge powder coated steel grilles
  • Enclosure and terminal input cup designed facilitate the cable runs for clean stage dressings
  • Clean industrial design with unadorned grilles compliment most decors and settings
  • Complete EASE, CAD and BIM information available at

DMT (Directivity Matched Transition) gives the AP-5122m loudspeaker a uniform power-response by matching LF and HF coverage in the cross-over region. Another key to the extraordinary accuracy and flat power response of the AP-5122m is the axisymetric waveguide with uncompromised performance in both the vertical and horizontal axes. The result is remarkably consistent coverage and smooth, accurate reproduction on and off-axis.

QSC AP-5122m AcousticPerformance Stage Monitor