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QSC PLX1104 Lightweight Power Amplifier Video

QSC PLX1104 Lightweight Power Amplifier Video

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Weighing in at a mere 13 pounds, the PLX1104 Lightweight Power Amplifier from QSC is capable of up to an impressive 1,100 watts of power! The QSC PLX1104 is a premium quality, high-power amplifier designed for the most demanding live performance uses. Built on the third generation of QSC PowerLight technology, the PLX1104 amplifier combines light weight, superlative audio quality and proven QSC reliability. With power ratings up to 3,600 watts, the PLX1104 amplifiers are capable of providing plenty of clean, undistorted output to the most power hungry speaker systems.

The compact 04 models (PLX1104, PLX1804) bring the same performance and technology, plus even greater value, to applications that don't require bridged or 2 ohm operation. Designed to power one or two speakers from each amplifier channel (4 ohm minimum loading), these models offer a simplified feature set while retaining genuine, uncompromised PLX performance and technology. Weighing just 13 pounds (5.9 kg) these plug-and-play amplifiers are perfect for ultra-portable rigs, as well as reference-quality playback.

QSC PLX4 Series Features:

  • Very light weight (13 lbs/5.9 kg)
  • Cooling design exhausts hot air out the front, keeping the rack cool. Flow-through heat sinks require no filters that could become clogged
  • Front panel LED power, clip, -10 dB, and signal present indicators for system monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Speakon NL-4 output connectors provide a positive-locking speaker connection. Ch 1 output uses all 4 wires for single-cable connection to bi-amplified speakers
  • 21-position front-panel gain controls for precise, repeatable amplifier adjustment
  • Balanced XLR inputs with parallel TRS connectors accommodate all common input connectors and support loop-through operation
  • Patented PowerLight power supply technology with other patents pending
  • Value combined with uncompromised PLX technology, quality and performance for applications that don't require bridged or 2 ohm stereo operation
  • Two models with power ratings up to 900 watts per channel @ 4 ohms
  • Clip limiting protects speakers; thermal limiting maintains operation even during abnormal overloads

QSC PLX1104 Lightweight Power Amplifier