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Remo Black Suede Drum Heads Video

Remo Black Suede Drum Heads Video

The Remo Black Suede Emperor Drum Head features 2-plies of textured Ebony 7.5mm film. This Black Suede Emperor produces a brighter tone with long sustain and high durability.

An aesthetically unique drum head with attitude, the Remo Black Suede Snare Side Drum Head adds character to the look and sound of any snare drum. Featuring 1 ply of textured Ebony 4 mil film, the Black Suede Snare Side conjures up attitude while still scoring substantively with its focused warmth and enhanced tonal control for snare drums.

The Emperor-weight Black X is 2-plies of textured Ebony 10-mil film with a 3-mil reverse dot giving it X-treme durability with a unique aesthetic look.

Remo Black Suede Drum Heads