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Rode NT55 Instrument Condenser Microphone Video

Rode NT55 Instrument Condenser Microphone Video

Although it is primarily designed for instrument micing, the Rode NT55 is extremely well suited for situations where a small unobtrusive but powerful microphone is required. The NT55 utilizes the 1/2 inch (externally biased) gold sputtered true condenser transducer used in the internationally renowned RØDE NT5. The NT55, is a state-of-the-art low noise balanced output microphone, exhibiting a wide dynamic range and full frequency response. The NT55 circuit incorporates a three-position variable pad and a three -position variable high-pass filter.

The NT55 comes with 2 different condenser microphone heads to provide a wide variety of polar patterns. The NT55 is complemented with a diverse range of accessories to better facilitate positioning and attachment.

The NT55 is intended for film, television, broadcast, live performance, theatre, surround and environmental recording applications or wherever your imagination takes you.

Rode NT55 Instrument Condenser Microphone