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Roland GR-D V-Guitar Distortion Guitar Pedal Video

Roland GR-D V-Guitar Distortion Guitar Pedal Video

The Roland GR-D V-Guitar Distortion Guitar Pedal provides powerful V-Guitar technology for GK-equipped guitars in a compact, performance ready format! Unique distortion and synth tones are produced by independently processing each guitar string which gives an array of fresh, bold sounds never before possible. Housed in the popular twin pedal format and equipped with connections including 13-pin GK input and 1/4 inch outputs, the GR-D distortion pedal can easily integrate with amps, stomps, multi-effects, and other V-Guitar devices.

Roland GR-D V-Guitar Distortion Guitar Pedal Features

  • Roland’s powerful V-Guitar technology in a Twin Pedal stompbox
  • Bold, high-clarity distortion and synth tones only possible with GK processing
  • VG-DIST 1, VG-DIST 2, POLY DIST, and SYNTH sounds, with real-time DSP for latency-free performance
  • Sculpt your tones with ultra-responsive GAIN, COLOR, and TONE knobs
  • Solo function provides an instant volume and presence boost for lead playing
  • 13-pin GK input; designed for use with the GC-1 GK-Ready Stratocaster, GK-3 Divided Pickup, and all GK-equipped guitars
  • Flexible connections for easy integration with amps, pedals, and multi-effects
  • Four user memories, with remote selection from GK-equipped guitar

Welcome to the Family
The GR-D V-Guitar Distortion joins Roland’s acclaimed V-Guitar family, which also includes the GR-55 Guitar Synthesizer and VG-99 V-Guitar System. The convenient stompbox format of the GR-D distortion allows players with traditional setups to experience the incredible sound potential available with GK processing. When used with an optional US-20 Unit Selector, the GR-D also gives current GR and VG users new sounds for their existing rig.

Roland GR-D V-Guitar Distortion Guitar Pedal