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AMS Product Video

AMS Product Video

The Roland Mobile BA Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier is the perfect audio solution for schools, offices, small outdoor events and more! This incredible compact speaker weighs less than six pounds and delivers high-quality stereo sound with flexible connectivity. No external power sources, speakers, or mixers are required, simply connect your music player, mic, and/or instrument to the Roland Mobile BA, set the volume, and broadcast your sound with great clarity. The Mobile BA amp easily goes wherever you want go!

Roland Mobile BA Battery Powered Stereo Amplifier Features

  • Five-watt (2.5 W+2.5 W) stereo amplifier
  • Weighs less than six lbs, small and light enough for a child to carry
  • Three-channel built-in mixer with flexible inputs: MIC, LINE, and PC/AUDIO
  • Anti-Feedback function built in
  • Reverb/Echo effects for vocals, and Center Cancel function for minus one vocal practice and karaoke fun
  • Can be mounted on an optional microphone stand for elevated placement

At Schools
The Mobile BA amplifier is a perfect audio accessory for schools. Use it to broadcast educational audio content in a classroom, for example, or to amplify audio-for-video more powerfully and clearly than with TV or computer speakers. In the music lab, dance studio, gym, or anywhere a teacher’s voice and/or music needs to be heard clearly, the Roland Mobile BA is ready to deliver. No extra cables, power supplies, speakers, or mixers are required. And since the Mobile BA is lightweight and durable, even young students can transport it with ease!

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